If you have not had a chance to meditate before, you do not need to freak out. Meditation is a personal decision, and different people meditate for various reasons. People choose to meditate, including health, work, and intention. It all boils down to why you want to meditate. 

Meditating means sitting still in the quiet and paying attention to your thoughts. It is intended to pull us away from the noise and daily distractions of the world. Meditating has been proven to bring down stress levels, assist people with memory loss, and control anxiety. 

Seven Meditation Steps

There are seven significant steps to help you have a fulfilling meditation session. They are:

  1. Setting up your space

If you intend to incorporate meditation into your schedule, start by getting a suitable space. You do not need to do much for the area. Just ensure that it gives you the peace that you are looking for. 

  1. Get your seat

This should be the topmost priority. Finding a good seat for the meditation session is significant. The more comfortable your seat is, the better the meditation results. An uncomfortable seat is distracting. 

  1. Find your breath

As soon as you have felt comfortable enough after setting up, place your hands anywhere you want. You may place them on your knees or your laps. Tune into a constant breathing exercise. 

  1. Distract your mind

This is probably the most challenging part of meditation. The mind needs to be kept busy while the body remains calm. In case you get distracted, do not end the session. Keep trying until you get there. 

  1. Use affirmations

If counting proves a difficult task for you during meditation, you can try something different. If your day starts with you needing a lot of inspiration, including affirmations during your meditations will do you much good. 

  1. Consider using guided meditations.

If you get to a point where meditating alone is not helping, try getting someone to guide you through the process. The good thing today is technology is advancing and so fast. Get a video online and get guided through the meditation. 

  1. Please keep it simple

You are trying to get yourself to a state of peace. Get yourself from a chaotic world full of noise and distractions. This is what your meditation should be like. Make it less complicated and achieve the meditation results. 

To achieve this, you may list down a list of things you are hoping to achieve through the meditation sessions.


You don’t get into meditation. You must have your reasons and a goal that you want to achieve through meditation. Meditation is practiced mainly by people looking to reduce anxiety, lower their stress levels and just get some peace and calm amidst the chaos. 

The above seven steps are a great guide to helping you have fruitful meditation sessions. You do not have to worry if you are a beginner. They are helpful for everyone.