Traditional Chinese Medicine has changed and advanced as years have gone by. Health experts and traditional specialists address various health problems using psychological, physical or traditional approaches. 

What does Science have to say about the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional health practitioners use various techniques to show or define traditional Chinese Medicine’s effectiveness. Some of these techniques include:

  • Acupuncture

This technique lets the health practitioner stimulate various parts of the body. Stimulation is mainly done by inserting a needle through the patient’s skin. Through this technique, the body releases its natural painkillers while affecting the brain areas responsible for pain processing. 

A few studies have confirmed that real acupuncture has helped with pain that results from chronic illnesses. 

  • Tai Chi

This technique combines postures, gentle movements, mental focus, breathing and relaxation. Research has shown that this technique has worked for older people. It has helped them improve their balance and stability. Patients with Parkinson’s disease have also greatly benefited from Tai Chi, experiencing less pain in their knee area, reducing back pain and promoting life quality. 

  • Chinese Herbal Products

A few reasons have led to studying Chinese herbal products and their benefits. These products have been known to cure stroke, heart diseases, mental disorders and respiratory diseases. There has been no solid study on these herbal products, so no firm conclusion has been made on how effective they are. 

What has Science concluded on the safety of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

There have been various studies and reports that have been conducted that show the authenticity of Chinese Medicine and the safety of its use. 

  1. A few Chinese medicines are contaminated. The contamination is a result of animal or plant material. Such contamination makes the medicines unsafe, resulting in asthma and other health complications like allergies. 
  2. There have been a few complications reported from using the acupuncture technique. If not well administered, there could be complications such as infections, lung collapse, punctured organs or damage of the central nervous system. 
  3. Tai Chi has not been found to have any severe complications. A few issues that may arise from using this technique involve a few aches and pains in the body. It is recommended that pregnant women get advice from a doctor before using the Tai Chi technique. 


If you prefer using Traditional Chinese Medicines at any point in your life, consider getting in touch with a health practitioner prior. You can get more information on the kind of training that the health practitioners using these methods are put through and how safe these processes are. 

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, get permission or decline from your doctor as these medicines could have some adverse effects on you and your child. 

Finally, fill in your doctor on any methods you use for your health so they can give you the best advice and the best health care procedures to use. Avoid self-medication or rushing into any health procedures you are uncertain of.