Obviously, at one point in your life, you have used a home remedy. You may have come across the remedy on the internet and wanted to try it out, or someone mentioned it to you. A few of these remedies you may have tried out are herbal teas to aid in colds, plant-based supplements to give you better sleep and others. The point is, you tried them out, and they worked or did not work. 

There have been no solid confirmations yet on how some of these home remedies give the exact results we are looking for. If you are skeptical and wondering if to keep trying out some of these home remedies, that is okay. Here are a few of them that science has been fortunate enough to back up. 

  • Turmeric to relieve pain and inflammation

By now, it is obvious that most people are conversant with the term turmeric. It is used in making so many delicacies that it is famous. Turmeric has been used in Southern Asia for more than 4000 years now. Studies have confirmed that turmeric cures pain, especially pain caused by inflammation. 

  • Chili Peppers to relieve pain and soreness

There is an active component found in chili peppers used long enough to relieve pain. The component is capsaicin and has been proven to take away the tinge of pain. The process by which the pain goes away is that the affected area first gets hot and eventually numb. It is at this point that the pain disappears.

If you struggle with soreness or pain, that will not go away. Try making some capsaicin cream. You will long forget the pain. 

  • Ginger for pain and nausea

Ginger has been commonly used to relieve colds. It is automatic that ginger is the go-to home remedy when you suffer from a cold and cannot get medication. If you struggle with morning sickness or dizziness that results from a headache, consider trying ginger. 

  • Shiitake Mushrooms for the long game

Shiitake, a component in mushrooms, is used to relieve pain caused by inflammation. It is even better than this shiitake helps fight cancer by compressing the cancerous cells in your body. 

If you are constantly falling sick due to a poor immune system, the shiitake mushrooms are a great immunity booster. 

  • Eucalyptus oil for pain relief

The component present in the eucalyptus that helps relieve pain is called the 1,8-cineole. The component has been tested on mice, and its morphine-like effect has been proven to relieve pain. 

However, one thing to note is that it is not recommended that everyone inhale the eucalyptus oil. It can trigger asthma and get extremely harmful to pets. 


Many people have already tried out the remedies mentioned above. The truth is that most do not know the specific components contained in these remedies that have the healing effect. The good thing is that science has backed them up, making them safe for use when you cannot access medication immediately. They serve the purpose.